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Welcome to our little shop! How did we get here?  Well, a pandemic happened! Pollen is primarily a wedding florist and with weddings being postponed, my studio and my time, quite unexpectedly, became available indefinitely. With a beautiful storefront and a love of plants and design, I decided to offer plants for the home to a world yearning for comfort and nature.

For now, we offer online shopping with curbside pick-up. Once it feels responsible, we'll invite you into our storefront! In the meantime, you are welcome to window shop at 2918 North Milwaukee Avenue.

We offer a selection of unique houseplants, for plant newbs and plant ninjas. We're focused on foliage plants and love ones with special coloration or variegation. We'll leave the basic stuff to the big box stores.

We carry pots, plant stands, hanging planters, watering cans, propagation stations, misters, books, and will add more items to our inventory as we get a sense for what you all need for your plant babies.

Is there something that you've been looking for?  Post a comment below!


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