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Let's talk about pet-friendly plants!

Some of Rooted Living's most popular plants are actually non-toxic when it comes to a furry friend trying to take a bite! Here's a handy guide to knowing what plants are in the clear.

Please note, we use the ASPCA's website to check whether specific plants are toxic to pets, please do your own research to double check.

First up is Maranta leucaneura, AKA red maranta or prayer plant.⁠

Marantas, calatheas, and ctenanthes are all related and are all not known to be toxic to pets. Some of the other plants that we carry that are non-toxic are ponytail palms, hoyas, various ferns, peperomia, pilea, fatsia, various palms, and cast iron plant.⁠

Next is another favorite: Peperomia

Peperomia from Rooted Living
This plant stays compact, making it perfect for small spots that need just one more houseplant. Easy to care for and non-toxic, this is also a great plant to try propagating. This one is Pilea peperomioides, also known as the Chinese money plant.

A Bolivian plant with its root from the Greek word for basket (kaláthi), Calathea is also non-toxic to pets!

A lover of humidity, calatheas respond well to misting, but only need watered once to twice a week. Keep an eye out for any browning around the edges, which signals too much water or not enough humidity. Best kept away from windows facing south, every other direction will do. Low light with several hours in medium indirect light will keep your calathea vivid and peart.

Fatsia japonica, also know as Paperplant and Japanese Aralia

Paperplant’s dramatic and sprawling leaves are full of personality and straightforward to care for. Indirect light, even diffused with a thin curtain, works well for this glossy plant. It’s important to keep their soil moist at all times, with water draining through the bottom of the pot during waterings. Waterings can be cut back during the fall and winter time. Because they can grow large--and tall--keep an eye on the size of the pot for any roots growing through the drainage holes and re-pot as needed.

Rooted Living's plant selection is always rotating. Stop by and ask an associate what they recommend for whatever care needs you're looking for (pet-safe, low-light, easy-care, etc.). We're here to help you find a plant that you love!

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