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Houseplant Care 101:
Simple Water Propagation

simple houseplant propagation supplies

Want to dabble in propagating your plants? Any easy way to start is with water propagation. All you need is the right kind of mother plant, a jar, water, and scissors! Easy plants to water propagate are vining plants such as pothos, tradescantia (shown here), syngonium, and heartleaf philodendron.

where to cut a plant cutting for water propagation

Cut a length of stem that includes at least one leaf and one node.  A node is where the leaf meets the vine. You can cut one vine into multiple pieces for propagation, as shown in the photo. If the node has a leaf coming from it, remove the leaf so it doesn’t rot underwater, then place the stem cutting in water with the node underwater. Depending on the type of plant, you could see roots growing as soon as a few days later! Change the water weekly or sooner if you see the water getting funky. 

Once you have an inch or two of roots growing, you can transfer the cuttings to soil, placing multiple cuttings in the same pot for a more lush plant. You’ll want to keep the soil of your newly potted up plants a little more damp than usual for a week or two as the plant adjusts from water to soil. Then share with friends!

 water propagation of houseplants

Want to level up your water prop display? Pick up a locally made walnut propagation station!

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