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We love to embrace what each season has to offer here at Rooted Living. In these sun-drenched days of summer, we can’t help but think of vine-ripened tomatoes, busy pollinators, plucking weeds, and soaking up birdsong...

Whether you are new to gardening or have been digging in the dirt for ages, our favorite things are hand-picked just for you 🌱

Kinfolk Garden Book; Green gardening gloves; Blue linen apron, Sun Red Philodendron

▫️The Kinfolk Garden
Celebrating the idea of nature as nourishment, The Kinfolk Garden offers inspiration and guidance to anyone looking to live in harmony with plants and flowers. Featuring 30 inspiring people and places around the globe, this hardcover book offers an easy approach to bringing more nature into your life.

▫️Linen Apron
This linen apron by VIKLINO is an instant favorite, especially if you find yourself moving between the garden and the kitchen on these summer days. VIKLINO uses European OEKO tex certified linen, which is then stonewashed in order to soften the linen without the use of harmful chemicals. We have three colors in stock: blue, amber, and black.

Make quick, painless work of prickly plants, rough soil, dry bark, and grasp wooden tool handles with ease. As a B Corp Certified business, Barebones started with a philanthropic mission and continues to provide essential skills, education, and tools to underserved communities. These leather gloves come in a gorgeous shade of green (pictured) in three sizes.

▫️Sun Red Philodendron
Part of the beloved philodendron genus, ‘Sun Red’ has glossy, bright leaves with a gorgeous red tint. Very easy to care for, this tropical foliage can make any space into an instant jungle! Medium to bright, indirect light is recommended. They will tolerate lower light conditions, but will probably revert to green leaves. As always: if you have any plant care questions, we are here for you. We have a limited selection of these beauties, so stop by if you want one for your collection!

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