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Maybe you’ve been feeling it too: change is in the air. Nature is greening and the longer days are returning.

For all of us plant lovers, spring is a big deal! There is no better time to get your hands in the soil, appreciate how verdant Chicago becomes, and maybe just go all in on your houseplant journey (anyone else treat yourself to new houseplants after spring cleaning? Just me?). 

In the early months of 2020, both three years and a lifetime ago, I was spending more time inside with my houseplant collection. There’s always been something very therapeutic about tending to plants, especially during such difficult times. And so, I had the idea of bringing this to the community with a simple pop-up plant sale. It quickly grew into what you know today as Rooted: a local shop filled with curated a selection of plants and the things you need for their care, propagation, and display (and sometimes a hen or two). 

Some of you have even been around since the days when Rooted was the floral studio for Pollen! 

What I didn’t expect was for houseplants to teach me so much about slowing down and living intentionally.

In a way, Rooted has outgrown its container and is ready to grow into its new form. 

(Don’t worry, houseplants aren't going anywhere—how could they?!)

I am thrilled to share that on April 29, Rooted will become Rooted Living. At our same spot in Avondale (with an expanded shop floor!) we will offer a curated selection of practical and beautiful home and gift items that are thoughtfully sourced, with an emphasis on items that are eco-friendly, fair trade, or from local businesses.

At some point, we’ve all felt that life is sometimes overwhelming—too busy, too fast, too much stuff—and lacking in something vital: connection. 

With Rooted Living, I hope to create a space that makes it easier to feel connected to yourself, to nature, to community, to your home, and to what you value most. 

Soon, the storefront will be stocked with thoughtful goods like candles, kitchen goods, stationary, DIY crafting kits, books, and more. We can’t wait to help people like you get started in unplugged hobbies through community workshops like yoga, candle making, macrame, houseplant care, embroidery, and floral design. 

Are you as excited as I am?! 

 In the end, I hope that Rooted Living can be a place where you not only feel at home, but where you can come shop for thoughtful goods and learn in workshops that support you in feeling at home in your life.

Our grand reopening is on April 29, and I’ll share more details about it as the date gets closer. I can’t wait to see you there.

  • Lynn Fosbender, founder
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