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Perfect Pair: 4" Crispy Wave Fern in Striped Pot

Crispy Wave Fern, a type of birdsnest fern, in a striped unglazed ceramic pot. Overall height, including the pot, is about 8" tall.

Narrow, light green, super-wavy leaves spiral around the center of this plant.

Pretty flexible light needs. No direct sun, please, but these like bright, indirect light and can handle lower light as well. Like most ferns, these like the soil to be evenly moist and they appreciate higher humidity. But unlike most ferns, they are pretty forgiving.

Perfectly paired with the 4.25" Striped Pot. Your fern will be left in its 4" nursery pot and placed in the cover pot. The nursery pot can be removed from the decorative cover pot for watering the plant.

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