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Perfect Pair: 10" Fiddle Leaf Fig in Grey Ceramic Pot

Ficus lyrata. Fiddle leaf fig in a bush form (meaning there are multiple stems growing in the pot). Placed in a simple grey ceramic pot. Total height, including pot, is around 32".

Rumored to be difficult, but in the right spot and with the right watering, you'll be rewarded with a gorgeous statement plant that will get big!

Fiddleleaf figs will be happiest in or near a south or east window, with bright, indirect light. Take special care with watering.  The soil can dry out quite a bit between watering.  Keeping it in the growers pot within a decorative pot will allow you to keep a closer watch on watering and will make it easier to correct if needed.

Perfectly paired with the 10.75" Grey Minima Pot. Your fiddle leaf fig will be left in its nursery pot and placed in the Minima pot. The nursery pot can be removed from the decorative cover pot for careful watering of the plant.

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