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Calathea makoyana || 6" pot

Calathea makoyana. Peacock plant. In a 6" diameter nursery pot.

With leaves reminiscent of a peacock’s showy tail, Calathea makoyana is a bit more subtle in its display. The Pinkish-red underside of the leaves makes the Peacock plant a go-to if you’re looking to add some understated color into your space and plant collection. 

Native to highly humid environments, calathea love a good misting (you can even leave them in the bathroom!). Like all plants, calathea have a way of communicating their needs: if their leaves curl, they likely need more water. And if you see browning? Up the humidity. Indirect sunlight is key here -- that and the aforementioned humidity will have you calathea staying healthy and growing tall (up to two feet!)

Pet-friendly, calathea are not known to be toxic to pets.

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