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Asplenium nidus, Birdsnest Fern || 6" pot

Asplenium nidus. Bird’s Nest Fern. In a 6" diameter nursery pot. 

Nidus, from the Latin nest, not only characterizes the shape of this bright green plant. As an epiphyte, this fern grows off other plants and can be found nestled in trees within their native habitat.

A plant with no shortage of whimsy, Bird’s Nest Fern loves the diffused quality of bright winter light. Moist soil with adequate drainage will keep this fern happy, keeping in mind their original environments. Best to water around and not directly in the center of the plant too, so as to avoid any potential rotting. If your fern starts to look dull at any point, a trip to the bathroom to catch some post-shower steam will surely do the trick!

Pet-friendly, not known to be toxic to pets.

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