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Moss Pole || 42" Tall

Why use a moss pole?  Many houseplants are native to the understory in tropical forests where they climb up the trunks of trees. Using a moss pole mimics this more upright habit and will encourage aerial roots, fenestrations, and larger leaves. You can give the plant some help by securing the stems around the moss pole with Velcro strips or plant ties. Moss poles are great for plants like monstera, swiss cheese vine, Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, vining philodendrons, and pothos. It’s easiest to insert a moss pole when repotting a plant, so repotting is the perfect time to add a moss pole.

This size of moss pole will probably be a good fit for a plant in an 8" to 12" diameter pot.

Not sure about adding a moss pole to your plant? We offer repotting services and can  provide and insert a moss pole!

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