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Hi all! Lynn, here. As we are experiencing an increase in COVID cases this fall, I'm taking this seriously and thinking about ways to increase safety in the store. Here are the steps I'm taking.

More space. I'm rearranging things to provide more space for shoppers to make social distancing easier while in the store. Bye, velvet sofa! I'm keeping the shopper limit to three shoppers at a time, or four if it's two groups of two people that stick close to each other. Please look for the sign on the door that says whether we are at capacity. It can be difficult to stay on top of keeping the sign updated, so if you see three people in the store, please wait outside. I'll be adding signage to the floor to remind shoppers of 6 foot distancing. I will likely expand the sales floor space soon which might allow for more people in the store.

Private shopping appointments. We have offered private shopping appointments all along, but now we're making it easier than ever. Private shopping appointments are available on Tuesdays between 10AM and 6PM, Thursdays and Fridays 10AM - 12PM, and Saturdays from 10AM - 11AM. You and up to two of your guests will have the store to yourselves for 30 minutes. BOOK A PRIVATE SHOPPING APPOINTMENT.

Online shopping. I will work to keep the webshop more complete with our inventory so you can shop online with curbside pick-up or delivery within 4 miles.

Increased delivery radius. We offer contact-free doorstep delivery within four miles of the store for $10. If you spend more than $100, delivery is free.

More hand sanitizer stations. In case you miss the one by the door, I'll have another available at the check-out table. And another at the potting mix bar.

Potting mix bar sanitization. I'm removing all but one scoop from the potting mix bar so I can better keep track of sanitization. I will sanitize the scoop between users.

Do you have other ideas that will make it safer to shop? I'm all ears! Comment below.

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